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Who's down with OPP? - Shirat Hasirena: The Siren's Song
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August 2007
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שירת הסירנה
Date: 2006-06-11 08:16
Subject: Who's down with OPP?
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In my heart:dorkydorky
In my head:Black Eyed Peas
Tags:homes, israel, what i love about israel
I told this story to J the other day and he thought it was hysterical. He asked me why I hadn't written about it in my blog because it's such a good example of cultural difference. I'm not sure why I didn't write about it before...maybe because I've been too busy to sit and write a coherent entry...or one that is worth anything. Maybe I just forgot that it happened. Whatever the case...I'm documenting it now.

Last weekend was the Black Eyed Peas concert in Tel Aviv. I bought tickets with LL, HK and TW...and at the last minute, MF came with us too. The stadium was packed and we really had a great time that evening...despite the heat and the long lines in the bathroom...and despite my prevalent feelings of panic over seeing people I didn't need to see. Note that I said "need" not "want."

Anyway, the Black Eyed Peas are a fun American band. I saw them once back in 1998...long before anyone had ever heard of them or cared about them. I was impressed back then too. It was pre-Fergie...just Will, Apl and Taboo. Three dudes. Hip-hop. It wasn't flashy. It wasn't crazy. It was just good. They were good. I was doing PR for the concert pavilion that summer and got free tickets to the show. They were opening for someone...and I can't remember who...but I do remember seeing them and thinking they were good. Their big break came in 2003ish when they roped in a hot girl to sing lead and managed to have Justin Timberlake appear in one of their songs. Good for them. It's every musicians dream to be heard on the radio or to sell out a stadium. Their sound is a bit different now...but it's still fun and entertaining. I'm not sure I would have paid money in the US to go to their show this summer...but I'm in Israel and I just knew it would be a real fun experience.

I think the best part of the evening was realizing where I was. There they were on stage, singing familiar songs in my mother-tongue language. I didn't have to struggle to listen to every single word in hopes of understanding...I was happily oblivious and catching everything. They made a lot of references to old school hip-hop and really good music from the late 80s and early 90s. At one point, Fergie was singing "Sweet Child 'o Mine" with her own lyrics...it was really interesting! At another point, they were throwing in crazy references like "You down with O.P.P.?" and I was going crazy.


I realized I was the only one screaming the actual response instead of just screaming in general. They tried again...

"You down with O.P.P.?"

"YEAH YOU KNOW ME!!" I was so excited that I knew what to yell back! The crowd around me kept looking over at me like I was insane. What is this crazy girl screaming to them!?

It went on like this for a few rounds until they realized that there were maybe 5 of us in the crowd of 10s of thousands...there were a handful of us who knew what was going on. So they stopped and educated the crowd.

"When we say 'You down with O.P.P.,' you yell back 'Yeah you know me!' Try it with us!"

And so we did. And it was hysterical. And I thought about being in middle school again. And I felt connected to myself. And I realized that I was one of the lucky few in the crowd to be able to appreciate it that way. I might have been one of the few who even knows what "O.P.P." stands for! Sometimes I wish I could blend in more and not be told I "look so American" or "really look like a tourist." So what if I don't wear my jeans so low that my butt hangs out the back?

But sometimes it's really really wonderful to be surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who don't get the inside joke. And it makes me feel that much more connected to myself.

No matter how long I'll be here...and no matter how much I say I didn't fit in or didn't really love my life in America...no matter how much time passes, I'll be American. And I'll get those inside jokes.

And I AM down with O.P.P, dammit! And it makes me smile! And I remember being in BBYO and re-writing the words for one of our weekend conventions. *sigh* If only I knew then that 15 years later, I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs at a concert in Tel Aviv...

I never would have believed anyone if they'd told me that 15 years ago...

by Naughty by Nature

Army with harmony
Dave drop a load on 'em

O.P.P., how can I explain it
I'll take you frame by frame it
To have y'all jumpin' shall we singin' it
O is for Other, P is for People scratchin' temple
The last P...well...that's not that simple
It's sorta like another way to call a cat a kitten
It's five little letters that are missin' here
You get on occassion at the other party
As a game 'n it seems I gotta start to explainin'
Bust it

You ever had a girl and met her on a nice hello
You get her name and number and then you feelin' real mellow
You get home, wait a day, she's what you wanna know about
Then you call up and it's her girlfriend or her cousin's house
It's not a front, F to the R to the O to the N to the T
It's just her boyfriend's at her house (Boy, that's what is scary)
It's OPP, time other people's what you get it
There's no room for relationship there's just room to hit it
How many brothers out there know just what I'm gettin' at
Who thinks it's wrong 'cos I'm splittin' and co-hittin' at
Well if you do, that's OPP and you're not down with it
But if you don't, here's your membership

You down with O.P.P. (Yeah you know me) 3X
Who's down with O.P.P. (Every last homie)
You down with O.P.P. (Yeah you know me) 3X
Who's down with O.P.P. (All the homies)

As for the ladies, O.P.P. means something gifted
The first two letters are the same but the last is something
It's the longest, loveliest, lean-- I call it the leanest
It's another five letter word rhymin' with cleanest and meanest
I won't get into that, I'll do it...ah...sorta properly
I say the last P...hmmm...stands for property
Now lady here comes a kiss, blow a kiss back to me, now tell me
Have you ever known a brother who have another like ah girl or wife
And you just had to stop and just 'cos he look just as nice
You looked at him, he looked at you and you knew right away
That he had someone but he was gonna be yours anyway
You couldn't be seen with him and honestly you didn't care
'Cos in a room behind a door no one but y'all are there
When y'all are finish, y'all can leave and only y'all would know
And then y'all could throw the skeleton bones right in the closet do'
Now don't be shocked 'cos if you're down I want your hands up high
Say O.P.P. (O.P.P.) I like to say with pride
Now when you do it, do it well and make sure that it counts
You're now down with a discount


This girl ah tried to O.P.P. me
I had a girl and she knew that matter-of-fact my girl was partner's
Had a fall out, disagreement, yeah an argument
She tried to do me so we did it in my apartment, bust it
That wasn't the thing it must have been the way she hit the ceiling
'Cos after that she kept on coming back and catchin' feelings
I said, "Let's go my girl is coming so you gotta leave"
She said, "Oh no, I love you Treach" I said, "Now child please"
You gots to leave, come grab your coat, right now you gotta go
I said now look you to the stairs and to the stairwindow
This was a thing, a little thing, you shouldn't have put your heart
'Cos you know I was OPP, hell from the very start
Come on, come on, now let me tell you what it's all about
When you get down, you can't go 'round runnin' off at the mouth
That's rule number one in this OPP establishment
You keep your mouth shut and it won't get back to her or him
Exciting isn't it, a special kinda business
Many of you will catch the same sorta OPP is you with
Him or her for sure is going to admit it
When OPP comes, damn-- skippy I'm with it


Break it down!
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-06-11 08:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yeah you know me! ;-) J-
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She-Ra: crazyeyesbucky
User: pinchersofpower
Date: 2006-06-19 04:00 (UTC)
Subject: hilarious!
love it!
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-06-21 12:40 (UTC)
Subject: Thanks.
But maybe you should lower your pants so that your butt crack shows. It's good to try to fit in a little.

Ari (http://arimiller.blogspot.com)
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